MTS Mobility

Most wheelchair companies provide a product that helps those who are physically impaired get by. About a year ago, we decided to turn that notion on its ear. So we started MTS Mobility. Not as just another wheelchair company helping people to get by, but to improve their lives. Where you no longer wonder if that hill is too steep. Or whether or not you’ll fall if you roll down that gravel path. That’s the goal of MTS Mobility.

You never have to think about such things. All you need to think about is living your life.

To reach our goal, we’ve developed a couple of innovations to help make this possible, the first of which is ”DELTAGLIDE.” It’s a new technology that makes maneuvering the wheelchair an effortless task. Uphill, downhill, through grass and gravel; you will always feel like you’re on a smooth, level surface. We’ve also developed the Sit Kit, which is a new way of accurately fitting individuals to their chairs. That way you get a chair delivered with the exact measurements you provided.